Jan Amann

Partner for User Interface Engineering and Design

My passion is to create web-based products where design, usability and performance matter. Technologies like React, node.js and GraphQL enable me to do this.

Selected projects

Guidance through conversation

Kitchen planning app

"Küchenfinder" is an Austrian service which helps you to purchase your new kitchen. The app guides you question by question to your dream kitchen.

This is a project of Molindo. My part was the implementation of the frontend with React. Since this app has mostly client-side state, I used Redux for state management.

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Data-driven recommendations

Dashboard for kitchen suppliers

More than 120,000 users visit "Küchenfinder" every month in order to learn about kitchen-related topics. Suppliers can sign up to configure criteria, offered services and data which in turn enables the recommendation of potential customers via a search engine. Afterwards suppliers can use this app to manage their customer requests.

I developed a library comprising more than 100 reusable components which represent the basis for all screens of this app. Furthermore I developed a GraphQL API based on REST services which helped reduce the implementation time by using Apollo Client.

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Price comparison for shoe lovers

Launch of Shoemondo

Shoemondo helps you to find your next favourite pair of shoes and recommends the cheapest store to buy them. As a first step, 12 partner stores where integrated in order to offer an extensive product range.

I designed the user interface and implemented it as a server side rendered React app which communicates with a GraphQL API.

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Make research content visible

Research portal relaunch

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is the most research-intensive UAS in Austria. This web portal provides comprehensive access to publications, patents, researchers and projects.

This project was built together with Studio Mitte. My contribution was the creation of screen designs and the implementation of the page layout prototype & fundamental components.

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Open source contributions

testing-library / dom-testing-library

Simple and complete DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.

davidchin / react-input-range

React component for inputting numeric values within a range (range slider)